Sunday, June 8, 2014

Removing False Lashes: Step By Step

  1. Grab a makeup wipe, or a cotton pad soaked with eye makeup remover. Ideally it should be something that can handle real-deal waterproof mascara and liner. I really like Bioderma Sensibio $22 saturated in cotton pad. Removes makeup, tones, smoothes and cleanses. NO rinse required ✔️
  2. Close your eyes, and gently press and hold the makeup wipe or cotton pad against your lashes and false lashes. Let that sit there for a minute or two, maybe three, if you used a lot of glue on the lash band.
  3. The idea is to give the makeup remover time to break down the glue.
  4. After your lashes and falsies have thoroughly soaked up the remover, they should slip right off without any resistance. I usually start pulling them off from the outer corner, since those lashes are usually the longest, and gently lift up the band.

That’s it!

Give it a TRY 😊

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